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Love Changes Your World. Question Is, ‘Should It?

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Love is a magical feeling, without any puns intended and without any fancy (or borrowed) attempt at making it look all dreamy and wonderful; because it actually is. Those who have been down this road will agree to it. When you are in the right relationship with the right person it is what it feels like, spellbinding!

But can we say love changes your world? Or let me reframe the question, should you let love change your world?

The answer to the former question we all know. It does change your world. The moment I asked this all must be dancing inside screaming delightfully ‘Yes it does’. But when I asked the second one, you either fell silent or trying to make yourself sound smart, answered ‘No’, because as you are so intelligent you instantly figured out that the right answer must be ‘No’.

Well, you are correct. You shouldn’t let love change your world but unfortunately when you are madly in love you are actually just that, ‘mad’ and forget the very meaning of love. It is something that makes your life more beautiful but often you mistake it to be your very life.

All you do is be in love. No, I’m not saying you spend sleepless nights or stop eating like how they claim in movies. But with a little twist, you spend sleepless nights talking and chatting with your bae till 3 am. You either rush through your food so that you can resume your attempt of causing your thumbs an overuse injury or conveniently bring on your chatting fiasco to the dining table itself, behaving as if either you are invisible or those at the table with you are.

Even when outside of house its no different. All you talk about is your SO and all you hear is the message tone when he sends you an another text, blocking out all the live noises of your colleagues you are hanging out with at the lunch break. You start declining the days’ old plans with your bestie because your boo just called and told you to get ready for a movie. But don’t be embarrassed (as yet) since you explained to your friend how you are so down with a sudden stomach ache due to the rajma your aunt brought, so she wouldn’t feel so bad at you cancelling your BFF time.

You may think this is so natural and common when you just enter a relationship and though unhealthy, it cures with time. Sure, that is. But it would have been okay if it were just that. Most of you don’t even realize when your beaus emotionally manipulate you into not hanging out with some or the other friend or making you hang out or talk with them a little more instead, without you even realizing when you completely changed from a free, socially active and a true blue family person to a commodity with an exclusive right of their beaus over them. Has ever any of your friends contacted your bae to ask about your whereabouts? Well, then it proves.

I’m not blaming your beau for anything. They are as much in love as you may be. So, the thing to give a piece of brain to is that, even you do the same to them and again unconsciously. Any relationship, pardon me, any healthy relationship needs space.  When you become his and he yours life, things get messy. Then truly your world changes and that’s definitely not for the good.

You had so many things you adored that you may have abandoned due to the lack of time because all your time when you are not with them has to be spent on studies or work. Or did I wrongly say it around. Ehh…. Now, this is when it becomes alarming when you can add to it, ‘or vice-versa’!

If you love to travel, love to paint, have dozens of other friends whom you constantly hung out with or left the dinner time singularly for your family, don’t break the chain just so you are in a relationship now. Your love life must be a part of your life not your life itself. Though hard it may sound, you need to carefully juggle with your time, energy and priority for all the people and the things you enamour. Don’t turn yourself into a ghost of your single self. Be in love but don’t let it change your world.

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