This Luxury Villa In Lonavala Is Perfect For A Complete Peace Of Mind

This Luxury Villa In Lonavala Is Perfect For A Complete Peace Of Mind

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Lonavala is one of the most popular weekend destinations for a stay in the hills away from the city’s hustle bustle. What if we tell you that you can enjoy the view of the hills along with a lake view and on top of it a private infinity pool villa too. Yes, you heard it right! If you are searching for the best luxury villa to stay in Lonavala or best resort to stay in Lonavala, this one is for you! Mawi Infinity Pool Villa situated near Pawana Lake is one of the best luxury villas in Lonavala. This villa has a mesmerizing view, surrounded by mountains and offers you Pawana lake view along with an infinity pool to add luxury to your stay. Excited to take a glimpse of this luxury infinity pool villa in Lonavala?

Here you go!

best villa in lonavala

Looks beautiful right? Let us take you through how does a day look like at Mawi Infinity Pool Villa in Lonavala.

The Pleasant Mawi Luxury Villa Morning

You will wake up in the pleasant view of the Pawana lake. Surrounded by mountains with a pin drop silence makes Mawi Infinity the most peaceful place to relax. You can hear the birds chirping in your surrounding.

Enjoy delicious breakfast as per your choice. The chef at Mawi infinity is very friendly and will customize everything as per your choice and preferences.

Time for Some Instagram Moments!

Once you are done with breakfast you can come back to the poolside and enjoy swimming in the infinity pool. Infinity pool also has a Jacuzzi on its right side. Infinity pool will give you a perfect shot for your Instagram feed to make all your friends jealous about your luxury vacation ๐Ÿ™‚

best villa in lonavala

Once you are done with swimming and your photo session you can take a quick shower and relax in your room for sometime enjoying this view from your bedroom

The Mawi Luxury Infiniti Pool Villa Lonavala Lunch

Mawi Infinity chef has magical hands. He will serve you the most delicious food you have ever had in your life. That too in the hills! What else can you demand for ๐Ÿ™‚

You can enjoy your lunch with the lake view

Post Lunch

There are enough recreational activities for you to relax and spend time with your friends/family. The Mawi staff will make sure that you are treated like the actual owner of the place after you step into the villa.

The Royal Evening Coffee at Peace

Ask for a coffee in the evening! Sit at the pool side or the upper deck living area and enjoy the coffee with the lake view. Here is another Instagram moment for you! The cool breeze gives a great positive vibe and makes you feel good about everything around.

The Evening Barbecue

Its time to taste the most delicious barbecue you have ever had in your life! You can sit and relax at pool side. It can be served to you anywhere you want as per your request.

The Fun Night

You can carry your own speaker or ask for the JBL portable speaker from the reception. Enjoy music relaxing in the mountains with friends and family having candlelight barbeque.

Bravo for amazing property and service all around!

Bonus Information

Mawi Infinity Pool Villa Lonavala is Pet friendly and you can take your pet along with you when you visit. Here are some pictures of this feline special guest who visited Mawi Infinity Pool Villa Lonavala recently.

How does the Mawi Infinity Pool Villa Lonavala rooms look like? Here is a quick sneak peak of the rooms

This Luxury Infinity Pool Villa in Lonavala is mind blowing right? So what are you waiting for? Make your bookings at Mawi Infinity Villa website now!

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