MH17 Flight Passenger Posted An MH370 Joke With Picture Before Takeoff

MH17 Flight Passenger Posted A MH370 Joke With Picture On Facebook Before Takeoff

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Malaysia airlines MH17 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpurwas struck by a ground-to-air missile and crashed right outside the Ukrainian city of Donestsk on 17th July 2014. The facts are convincing that one of the passenger Cor Pan took a picture of the flight and posted a joke with picture on facebook which he never imagined to happen in reality.

Fiction joke posted on facebook which turned into reality:

In case we go missing, here’s what it looks like.


Picture source: Facebook

The user was one of the 295 people onboard in the flight MH17. Its still unclear how many people have been killed in this heart breaking crash. But our wishes and prayers are with all 295 on board and their family members.

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