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Is She the Most Popular and Photogenic Cat in India – Plowythecat?

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‘A meow massages the heart.’

You must have seen a lot of cat pictures and videos online. However, this cute furball named Plowy who is one of the most popular cats in India is sure to win your heart. Watch her move from one corner of the room to another, playing football with the small tennis ball! Gaze into her lovely eyes and you won’t want to look elsewhere. There’s nothing more adorable than to play with her by dangling a paper in front of her. The way she jumps high in the air to catch it can make your heart swoon. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say she’s one of the most photogenic cats in India.

Instagram handleplowythecat (loved by 25000+ followers)

Here are some pictures of Plowy – one of the ‘Most Beautiful Cats’ beautiful cat pictures

Plowy rose to fame for her long, soft and luxurious fur coat

beautiful cat pictures

Isn’t she beautiful? Keep scrolling down to know more about Plowy – one of the most popular cats in India:

1. The furry, golden-shaded kitty loves bird watching

cute cat pictures

2. The most beautiful and photogenic cat can also skate

cute and beautiful cat pictures

3. Catch her live in ‘High Jump’ session

beautiful cat pictures

4. Most importantly, this cute kitty doesn’t like to be held

beautiful and popular cat pictures

5. Her secret talent of touching her nose with her tongue

beautiful cat pictures

6. Candies are her best friends

cute cat pictures with captions

7. Dressing up in Christmas attire is her current mood

popular cat pictures

8. Food is never enough for this cute and beautiful cat

beautiful cat pictures

9. Plowy’s love for ice is unconditional and selfless

cute cat pictures

10. She can sniff anything and everything

beautiful cat pictures

11. She loves travelling for her grooming sessions

12. Plowy’s curiosity is always on point

curious and beautiful cat pictures

So, did you fall in love with her 🙂 … You can follow this adorable cat Plowy (one of the most popular cats in India) on Instagram for her regular updates.

Plowy’s Instagram handle: @plowythecat

Frequently asked questions

What does Plowy – Persian cat eat?

Plowy the cat is fond of a high quality food rich in proteins. She likes her food with a balanced amount of fat concentrations. Plowy the cat is very picky sometimes if it is about her food.

How does Plowy the Persian cat live her day to day life?

Plowy being a Persian cat (one of the most popular breeds) is always high on her energy. At the same time, she loves to relax and rest. Plowy, one of the most popular cats in India is a very well behaved and a friendly cat.

Do Plowy – the Persian cat purr?

Plowy the cat loves purring. Her meow is very rare to hear but simultaneously her purring is quite often. Plowy being a popular Persian cat do a lot of purring.

Do Plowy – the Persian cat shed too much?

If groomed properly, taking care of combing your cat’s hair daily can reduce in shedding. Plowy being one of the most popular cats in India is groomed and combed daily which results in less shedding. Bathing your cat on a regular period is also an important factor.

Photography credits: @vivekverma0909

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