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Mumbai to Goa ferry – The convenient way to Travel

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Are you planning to spend this vacation at the stunning beaches of Goa? Then you can quickly cover the entire distance within just 7 hours. Well, Mumbai to Goa ferry cruise service is going to give you a beautiful journey with their fantastic services. Now you will be able to enjoy the festivals with some exciting plans and then travel to the state of beaches and sunshine by the all-new ferry service!

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This exciting service of Mumbai to goa ferry will help you all the tourists. The ferry will undoubtedly carry the travelers and tourists between two places. The entire route will be through the Arabian Sea and stops in Panjim. Goa vacation industry is actually going to boost even more. You can accurately reach the sunshine city of India in numerous ways from the Mumbai city. Some wishes to fly while other love road trips. Some may also love taking the overnight train or bus to be there. Soon ferries, as well as cruises, will turn out to be an extra mode of transport for all visitors.

Where will it start from?

The Mumbai to Goa ferry service will start from Mazgaon in Mumbai, and it will have few stops in Raigad, Ratnagiri district as well as Malvan, before docking in Panjim. This cruise will actually leave from Mumbai port at 5 pm, and it will reach Goa almost at 9 am in the next day. This will return to the Mumbai port on alternate days. This cruise is also expected to be completely air-conditioned, and it can hold up to 300 passengers.

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Cruises and the Ships from Mumbai to Goa

Numerous ships have been just operating between the proper routes right through the years. One was the Scandinavian-built vessel, which took each and every traveller from Mumbai to Goa by the beautiful ship. If you love to travel, then this would be absolutely perfect for you. Eventually, the ships offer some fantastic services to the travelers.

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 Knowing about the services of them

There are ample amount of ferry services available, which come along with the excellent facilities and amenities as well. But, as a matter of fact, Mumbai to Goa ferry service offers excellent facilities and amenities to their travelers. According to the tourists, the ferry might provide tiers for different amenities and rates along with food and drink facilities. You can also book the Mumbai Goa Ferry trips right through online just like booking for trains. This contains the kid’s activity area, open deck as well as first aid service.

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