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A Tribute To The Most Silent Contributor In Our Lives..My Father Is My HERO!

Father… He is the most silent contributor in our lives. Lots is spoken about mothers; and rightly so. But fathers complete the family. In their silent, firm and practical way , they teach us how to face life with rationale ; they put us in the pool and urge us to swim ; to combat our fears. They do not give in to our tantrums ; knowing the tears we shed will turn into tears of joy when we overcome the obstacles of the world. They give us an ‘almost taken for granted’ protection and security – & we think’Dad’s there na…he will manage!’.

Yes he manages us ,and very well too. He earns for us ; toils hard to fulfill our dreams and is there when we need him.

I remember my father going diligently for a 5 am morning walk. If I insisted I would also join; poor man , would keep trying to wake me (of-course without success!)) and would have to let go of his passion – morning walk. I remember him acting as my alarm clock after the alarm has failed to wake me….with groggy eyes, I found him standing near my bed with milk and almonds in his hands.

All I can say is … my father is my HERO! and cannot stop myself from quoting ‘ mushkil se raahon mein asaan sa safar jo lagta hai ; ye mere maa baap ki dooaon ka asar kagta hai’ ( in the difficult times when we feel the journey is easy…it is only because of our parents blessings! (y)

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