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Narendra Modi Temple In U.P

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Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has a huge fan following on social media with 26,103,478+ fans on facebook. Modi has received love from almost all parts of the country and world.

Few Modi fan’s expressed their love by creating a temple for worshiping Narendra Modi.

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We have earlier heard of people worshiping Ranjikant, Amitabh and Sachin earlier and now its the P.M of India. This temple was created at Kaushambhi district in U.P. This lord shiva temple where Narendra Modi is worshiped is now named as Namo Temple. The priest in temple also seems to be dressed in BJB colors and also kept a Modi style beard.

How Much More Ridicules And Backward Can Modi Devotees Be? Do You Think Worshiping Modi Will Lead To Countries Better Future?

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