8 Things People Who Hate Other People Will Understand

8 Things People Who Hate Other People Will Understand, #6 We Hear From All

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Human being is termed as a social animal. However a few prefer their space and want to be left alone.

They want to do their own thing and want to be left alone. For them , it is their way (alone) or others can go take the highway!!

1. If you ever work in Customer Care or a Client’s Relationship department, you definitely get to hear the choicest of words! 100% guaranteed @!#$%@

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2. You chose reading books instead of going out on a Saturday night. How can people be out on a day meant to rest!?

reading books

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3. You get angry at anyone in a matter of a second. You just don’t want them to speak a little extra than what you want to hear.


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4. You hate Sales people hovering around you when you are forced to go and shop for something.


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5. You always keep your fingers crossed that all social plans will get cancelled (earthquake, public transport strike!?)  and you wont have to go!

cancel plans

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6. Or you make last minute cancellations with weird excuses to opt out.

cancelling plan

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7. If by God’s ire ! you are forced by parents to attend a family function (OMG!),  you prefer saying ‘Namaste’ to all at one go instead of meeting one by one and then go and sit in a room alone or in one corner till the function ends!!


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8. You hate others but you love your self more than anything else ( so what!) and a little fever can even make you hyper “I M DYING?” :((

love yourself

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So which one of your friends match with these list…share and tag them.

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