Rape Is Unforgivable. This Video Gives Words To The Agony Of Every Citizen Of India - Viral Stories

Rape Is Unforgivable. This Video Gives Words To The Agony Of Every Citizen Of India

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No girl in India is unfamiliar with this word. In fact she is so much haunted by this dreadful and filthy word and the heinous crime that rests within its literal womb, that it has practically made it impossible for her to even breathe without getting nauseated.

The so called ‘men’ of our society are so hungover in the venomous spirit of this now empty status, that they can’t even control their own libido. Shame on you! This country once known for its Sanskaar, is rendered a dead soul; slathered  with the drool of the foul smelling rapists and the blood of innocent women. No female is safe, since these amazing ‘men’ do not bias… be it a 60+ woman or a mere 3 years old toddler, their lust knows no restraint.

Even after the Nirbhaya case of 16th December 2012, when our country saw a huge revolution and the government came up with much stricter laws; there is no perceivable positive change in the country.

Our hearts still come to our throats every morning when we read newspaper. It is like these loathsome ‘men’ are mocking us and trying to show off their ‘mardangi‘ by fearlessly raping minors, gang raping in vans running on open roads and even in once considered safe cabs!

Whatever is being done for us women is not enough. We do not deserve to be raped. Not when we wear short skirts, not even when we are out in public transport at 12 in the night. We need yet stricter steps against these vermin.

You really need to watch this liberating video. Every true human being in our country is burning inside to punish them. 

Video and Featured Image Source: YouTube via TeluguOne

This video is in Telugu language. For all those people who do not speak the language, here is the translation of the end note in English.

“Mother, sister, wife, little girls; all are my family. Don’t you see your own mother and sister in the women? In a country where Mahatma Gandhi taught us great values of non-violence you have stooped so low.

The principles are dead now. And so I am warning you; anyone anywhere if treats a female in this manner, whom so ever he may be; I will punish him and much more brutally than this.”

We at ViralStories do not promote violence. We do not encourage our readers to adopt any kind of violent methods.

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