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The Relentless Snapdeal Soap Affair..This Will Tell Us How Materialistic We Have Become

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How often does it happen that we get “surprise(d)”?? Who has time to throw surprises for you? In that event, of course no one will blame you if you too envy that man who ordered a phone but got a soap bar in the package instead! Surprise!!


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Yeah folks, that’s right! A Mr. Lakshminarayan Krishnamurthy was one such lucky brute who got to sway high with such a thoughtful and personalized treat when he ordered a mobile phone from one of India’s biggest online shopping portal, Oh no. Snap! You can’t take away the credit! It was all the effort put into by a thoughtful courier man or a seller, not you!

Evidently, Mr. Lakshminarayan ordered a Samsung phone for his wife, trying to make use of Snapdeal’s Diwali Bumper Sale; but as it turned out some jolly good fellow in the festive spirit of Diwali switched the phone with a Vim bar to give him a Diwali Dhamaka!! My! What a brilliant idea to surprise somebody and at the same time connect at such a personal level!

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Anyway, unable to understand the pure soul, the naive customer got a little upset over the the Samsung box containing a used up dish washing soap-bar instead of a fresh one! Sigh… Some people can just never be pleased. C’mon man! That’s the beauty of the prank…it was a humble attempt to connect to the customer with the daily lives of the retailer.

Nevertheless, Snapdeal came up to be a spoilsport and refunded the whole amount apparently “good-heartedly”. Not only that, even Hindustan Unilever Company gifted him with the Samsung Core Duo mobile phone along with Vim Liquid soaps! Can you believe that?

Now are you happy Mr. Lakshminarayan? Nor did you get fresh bottles of Vim liquid but also your phone! Ya, he is happy all right coz’ that’s what he tells us on his Facebook wall.

However, the only letting down and truly shocking thing here is that in the delight of new soap bottles and cell-phone, everyone forgot all about that anonymous selfless man who taught us to be happy and take out time from our busy lives to give little heart warming (heating) surprises to our loved ones!!

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