Royal Prince Left His Inherent Property To Accept Being Gay And Being What You Are! Incredible - Viral Stories

Royal Prince Left His Inherent Property To Accept Being Gay And Being What You Are! Incredible

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Crown Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil was born in a Royal Family and was always protected and surrounded by servants all the time. Over protective environment of the family always gave him a feeling of being imprisoned.

After suffering for 30 years of his life for not accepting his sexuality, he finally had the courage to come out and tell that he is a homosexual and was proud of it, this was the best freedom which he experienced but this news became headlines in many newspaper the very next day due to which Manvendra had to face hatred from the society and also was disowned from the royal family and inherent property.

But it gave rise to the debate on a subject which was always hidden in our country where  no body talks about sex or sexuality at that time. He followed to enjoy the freedom of being what you are without having a fear of being discriminated.

His Lakshya Trust is acknowledged as one of the best NGOs in Gujarat with projects organized from community grassroots, to advocacy at the highest bureaucratic levels. He was the only Indian to appear twice on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and has Grand Marshaled pride parades in Stockholm and Sao Paolo. Prince Manvendra is the most visible LGBT figure to one-sixth of the world, and is now expanding his work into a platform for global gay advocacy through his U.S. 501c3, Ekta Transglobal Foundation.

High time we give them their due credit and wipe away the dust from the mirror.

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Video and featured image source: Youtube via Ekta Transglobal

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