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Secret Ingredient To A Breaking News (Only for 18+)

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What is the recipe to a breaking news? Breaking “NEWS” you said? Isn’t that supposed to be news and not something ‘cooked up’? Hahaha… You would think so, wouldn’t you?

The way news channels show us the so called Breaking News which they miraculously manage to obtain every single day, is something beyond imagination for a simple and humble human being. It is a matter of great thought and perseverance to cook up a news that not only appeals to the appetite of every audience but also pleases and scintillates their taste buds!! Mmmm….lip smacking!

Then how they do it and what is the secret ingredient to it then? Watch this over the top and superbly hilarious video by TVF for a sumptuous treat.

Video and Featured Image Source: YouTube via TVF

(Disclaimer: This video is uploaded for a harmless humor and we do mean to hurt anyone’s emotions, because you are awesome!)

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