The Selfie Song For Those Who Change Selfie Profile Pictures Daily "Yeh Selfie Selfie Kya Hai"

The Selfie Song For Those Who Change Selfie Profile Pictures Daily “Yeh Selfie Selfie Kya Hai”

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It’s a Saturday night and the party’s about to start. She puffs and powders herself, kohl re-applied, earrings matched with the dress and the gloss complimenting them. A final look in the mirror and then her hand reaches her pocket and pulls out her smartphone. There are sudden flashes with movement of the neck and lips and within a minute a new Facebook update #Selfie! Likes come pouring down, kick-starting the party! If the story seems similar and has brought a smile, then be sure you have Obsessive Selfie Disorder.

Well ,changing DP is not OSD but changing it every hour is! OSD is a pandemic ; encompassing the politicians, celebrities and the masses.

We all do it so set back and enjoy the selfie video and dont forget to share..

Ways to detect if you have an OSD:

  • Your ABCD has S for selfie and P for pout!
  • Your albums on social networking sites have more of your SELFIEsh than photographs of you with your friends.
  • Your DP change rate moved from one change per day to one change per hour.
  • You have the “yes I voted” finger as one of your DP.
  • Any new wall at any place with the perfect lighting means a selfie; even it’s that of a washroom!
  • A new hairstyle or similarly a new moustache style is a sure shot Selfie.
  • You feel others can’t capture your beauty through the camera and hence the front camera is indispensable.
  • Escaped an accident while trying to take the ‘Behind the wheel selfie’!
  • According to a survey , Selfie says a lot more about you than just your pouting ability. Be wary of how people perceive you!
  • Beware the ‘anti selfie’ clan; a total stop to selfie will lead to tons of apps being shown the exit door.

If any of your friend is a selfie addict, share this with them; and if your friend is’nt , then too share as they need to be ‘Selfie’ times! 😉

Video and featured image source: Youtube via Julaab Gang

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