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Singapore – Of Art, Architecture and Antiques

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If you ever want a glimpse into the future, pack your bags and head to Singapore. A city of convenience, Singapore seamlessly blends in contemporary modern structures, lush green spaces and cultural dedications that are timely connected by its nervous system, the public transport. Unlike most metropolitans, in Singapore you do not have to worry about being late, it instils a deep sense of order and discipline in its citizens. This is one of the many things that make the city of the future, unique.

Among the other developing nations in Asia, Singapore has taken the bullet train to advancement, technologically, structurally and organically. Being one of the more popular travel destinations, you would imagine the travel would become too heavy for your pocket. But supported by the law of economics, there are some airlines that provide cheap air tickets to priority destinations like Singapore.

In order to get a sense of how fast Singapore has evolved, here are some of the most enchanting and exciting evidences of this fact.


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Structural Splendour

Three towers, 56-stories high, connected by an astounding 340m-long platform known as the Sky Park, the Marina Bay Sands is one of its kind. The highest infinity pool in the world, offers a view of the structural complexities of the city. The deck is one of the most photographed places in Singapore. It overlooks the majestic Marina Bay or previously known as the Marina Reservoir that has completelytransformed, now being one of the focal points of the city.

The waters of the Marina Bay reflect the gleaming lights of skyscrapers in the Central Business District. In Singapore, stainless steel buildings and innovative technologiesthat form a glass menagerie makes up its commendable skyline.

The Art and Science Museum located a stone’s throw away from the steel spectacle is another structural accolade of its own. Dedicated to creative minds and insightful spirits, the building resembles a cooked artichoke blooming with vision and creativity.


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Gardens Galore

Singapore has embraced its green spaces with passion, leading to numerous lustrous constructions of nature’s splendour.  If you want the perfect description of Gardens by the Bay, just picture Alice’s Wonderland on steroids. Its 21st Century botanical garden is a 101 hectare of domes, high-tech bi-spheres, supertrees and other whimsical structures.

There are domes dedicated to particular themes, such as the Flower Dome that replicates the Mediterranean climate. This is a unique feature of the Dome since more greenhouses aim to maintain heat and humidity for plants to flourish. However, in the Flower Dome, by replicating cool Mediterranean climates, the olive trees from Italy thrive alongside other temperate plants. The OCBC Skywalk is a pathway lit by the glittering tunes of Garden Rhapsody.Heritage Gardensembrace the cultural diversity of this futuristic city. These themed spaces are dedicated constructions to Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures.

Continuing in the city of green gardens is Singapore’s Botanic Gardens, a 74-hectare wonderland titled as a UNESCO Heritage Site. This is one of the city’s most gripping attractions. With perfectly arched walkways of green, the Botanic Gardens are home to some of the prettiest Orchid gardens.


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Cultural Crockpot

Home to three prominent cultures namely, Chinese, Malay and Indian, Singapore unlike many other developing nations has been very accepting and appreciative of its cultural diversity. The city has devoted areas wherein these cultures can thrive and feel at home. Little India is a vibrant, exaggerated district of Singapore, with spice traders and colourful temples, flea markets bustling with garlands, antiques and close to authentic Indian food.

Entering Singapore’s dedicated Chinese district will give you a hit to your senses. With the strong pungent smell of authentic Chinese food, the vibrant red and gold elements that decorate the streets and the hustle with hawkers will enthuse you. With lavish temples, crowded street markets, art museums, and galleries, the Chinese have embraced their culture and exhibited it in full vigour.

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Singapore is a kaleidoscope of development, culture and diversity. It is truly one of the most unique cities with respect to its out-of-the-box structural monuments, its large-scale shopping malls and heritage sites. A city so vast you never feel like you have seen it all, yet so small and intimate, it is easy to call it home. Ensure you’ve made your flight bookings in advance to plan your trip to this ultramodern city.

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