Solution To Stinking Railway Stations By Advanced Technology In Varanasi

This Solution To Stinking Railway Stations By Advanced Technology In Varanasi Will Make Every Indian Happy

Its been decades since people who travel by trains in India talking and debating about various hygiene issues they face while traveling through Indian railways.

indian train toilet

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When a train toilet is not clean before the train starts its journey or there is any technical fault withing the boogie its considered to be railway management fault but we have to accept the hard fact that if a railway station is stinking with shit its passengers who create this mess by using the toilets to pee and shit while the train stops at the railway station.

People littering on railway stations

indian railway station

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Which even blocks the station drainage system

indian railway station

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Its an aversive sight for passengers

Indian dirty railway station

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Good news: General manager of Northern Railways has come up with an advances track cleaning machine which has been sent to Varanasi and other stations. The machine functions like a vacuum cleaner and has powerful motors to effectively clean a six meter stretch of the track at one go.

Check how the public reacts when this cleaning machine was used at Varanasi Junction railway station.

Video and featured image source: Youtube via inextlive

This is one step by Indian Railways to maintain hygiene at railway stations but this effort is incomplete without people support because until people stop littering or stop using toilets while train stopping by at stations. Spread the message and create awareness for a better India.

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