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When Someone Cares They Don’t Make An Excuse They Make An Effort

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You don’t need to be a genius to figure out someone likes you when they send you flowers, offer to drop you back home or something as simple as getting you a cup of coffee. When they care about you it shows. It shows because they make a sincere effort towards making you comfortable. And what is care anyway but just that?

A relationship is only as strong as the efforts put in by the couple. If one person keeps on making dinner plans and other keeps on making excuses to put them off it only brings negativity in the relationship. Such behaviour when goes on for a considerable amount of time and sadly unexplained, only leads to one thing and that’s ‘we need to talk’.

However, it is very easy to jump to the conclusion that it’s only you who makes efforts to save your relationship or keep it happy and interesting while your partner only makes lame excuses to avoid them. It so can happen that what you perceive to be your beau’s disinterest and fading love can actually be a result of their mental and emotional stress. Here, is when you carefully need to tread waters to find out the real reason of their drift. It could very well be something related to their work, family or friends and also, although difficult to believe, something you may have done.

So, if your bae actually cares for you, they will be open to discussion and put an effort to revive your relationship but if they don’t, it is better to end things gracefully than to stay in a toxic relationship where only one is dedicated and other either oblivious or trying to very hard to be one.

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