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16 Things Indians Do Just For The Sake Of It Or Because Everyone Else Is Doing..#2 Almost Everyone Does

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We all do few silly things in life which actually has no meaning but we just do it because we never thought why are we doing it? Are we just doing it for the sake of doing or we are doing it because everyone else is doing the same..check out these 16 things people do for the sake of doing or because everyone else is doing.

1. Jump a traffic signal because everyone else is doing it.


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2. Standing up as soon as the aircraft stops, knowing the fact that they wont be able to exit till the aircraft gates are open and the ladder or aerobridge is connected which usually takes 5-10 minutes.


3. Putting the middle birth of train up as soon as they see the middle birth of other side is being lifted, they usually think its too late and time to sleep.

train seats india

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4. Getting a DSLR camera and putting a display picture on facebook featuring themselves with camera

dslr meme

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5. Sharing and Liking this pictures on facebook thinking something good will happen to them.

like prayer meme

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6. No haircut on Tuesdays or Saturdays and even on some important occasions. Why?

hair cut india

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7. Rhyming every other thing with “Abki Baar Modi Sarkaar”

abki baar modi sarkaar

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8. Pressing the elevator button even its already pressed by someone else.

elevator new

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9. Leaving cinema hall after climax 5-10 minutes before the movie ends, one person stands up and move and other follow without completing movie.

leaving cinema hall before

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10. Always wish to get their children married in same caste

hindu wedding

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11. Honking relentlessly in a heavy traffic jam


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12. Buying Smartphones with larger screens, even if the mobile is larger than their palm and face size 🙂

using big phones

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 13. Clicking Selfies

selfie meme

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14. Buying a policy from LIC and thinking its their best investment


image source

15. Posting football status on facebook to sound uber-cool, even if they do not know rules of the game.

football status

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16. These days Entrepreneurship too..people want to become entrepreneur for the sake of change their work profile as CEO or Founders on social media without any business know how or expertise.


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Did we miss any point? leave in comments and we will add more.

Disclaimer :Pictures are used only for the purpose of representation.

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