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Vivek Bhargava’s 4x Philosophy Is A Must Watch For All Working People

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We have come across many Ted talks on sensitive topics related to our lives, which motivated millions of people across the globe. But no one seems to be talking about MONEY and the driving force behind it. The philosophy around the green wads can inspire and motivate youth and earning population all over the world. The secret behind being wealthy and happy at the same time, which you think is easy, is not the case. Follow the session by Mr. Vivek Bhargava to make it easy.

Vivek Bhargava, CEO iProspect India has spent his life following 4x philosophy and has got something interesting to share.

“They say, meditate and be grateful, but money seems to be missing from the entire conversation” – Here is a TED talk which is going to change the way you look at MONEY.

Watch the ‘straight from heart and mind’ talk, and get enlightened. Here you go..


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