This Hilarious Video Aptly Portrays The Frustrations Of An IT Engineer...WHOA! - Viral Stories

This Hilarious Video Aptly Portrays The Frustrations Of An IT Engineer…WHOA!

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Earlier, when people worked on files and had them stacked on their desk…we thought..’bechaare’! Then came the IT age…and we were sure…the misery ends here!!!

But the irony of the situation is ; the people working on files can still afford to fall sick (!) but the engineers working on projects (which we thought made life simpler !) are scratching their head and pulling their hair! So much to do- time-consuming, next to no breaks, has to be error free – one bug in the code (not the bed bug!!! though they would have preferred that over this bug!) and their days and nights become hell (understatement). THESE ARE THE PERKS AND PERILS OF THE ‘IT AGE’….

Watch the video and join me in my empathy for the engineers with a laugh 😀

Liked it? We have one more bonus video for you featuring “Taarik pe taarik” scene of Sunny Deol from the movie Damini highlighting frustration of an IT engineer.

Video source: Youtube, Youtube via creativebabey Featured image source

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