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Its Time We Stop Treating It As A Taboo

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Aditi Gupta is just one other girl from among us. She was too as us all, had been led to think she was being raised in a free-thinking family, until of course those days of the month. Treating like an outcast, right from keeping a separate bed to not attending any religious events, it sure made us feel like shit.

We like timid creatures have been constantly trying to make our peace with this seemingly never-ending cycle of ill-treatment. In fact, at some point even we willingly start believing that this is a taboo and we must follow the ‘righteous’ ways that our mothers have been following for generations. But Aditi and her husband Tuhin Paul, made it a point to end this nonsense.

Watch them speak and uncover a great way to teach the right.

Video and Featured Image Source: YouTube via Banglore TEDx Talks

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