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This Is What You Can Do In Goa During Diwali

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You have waited a very long time nesting in your house, anticipating the visit of Goddess Laxmi; it’s time that you step out and embark on a search instead.

With the popular rage for its beaches, resorts, water sports, bikes and fenni—Goa wouldn’t be one of the first few names that pop in your head when you discern upon your options for Diwali destinations. However, this former Portugal colony that showcases a western culture and an exotic landscape has its own contemporary way of celebrating the festival.

Abloom of the autumn, the festival recognizes important historical events. Each of these stories symbolize victory of good over evil, giving way to light and knowledge over darkness and ignorance. The festival predominantly honours Goddess Laxmi for bestowal of wealth and fortune upon everyone. Besides, dropping in early before the peak season strikes will help you enjoy the place in a pleasant weather without having to pay a sky high price for it. In addition to cheap air tickets you can book a homestay for an economical and more insightful trip.

The occasion is furthered with different stories across India, including—return of Lord Rama from the exile and his coronation as the King of Ayodhya, Lord Shiva’s adoption of Shakti as his left form, and Lord Krishna’s triumph over the demon Narkasur. Locals in Goa believe in the lattermost. While the extended celebration is a household phenomenon, the communal celebration in the Konkan state condenses in a day-long celebration on the second day of Diwali-combo—Naraka Chaturdashi.

This year, Diwali falls between 19th – 23rd October. Even if you are planning your trip last minute, low cost carriers will make domestic flights an economical affair. Gear up for the fun, this is how Goa will decorate your Diwali with the finest of celebrations:

Burning Effigies


Large effigies of Narkasur are made with paper, dried leaves and firecrackers, and competitions are held to pick the biggest and scariest ones in the lot. These are paraded on the streets of Goa the whole day, condemning the demon for terrorizing people, which are reduced to ashes at dusk marking new and better beginnings. This the time when the entire Goa comes alive under a brightly lit sky.

Lights and Decorations


The word Diwali translates to a row of lights. The festival drapes the entire country in bright lights with earthen diyas, candles and chandeliers. Goa particularly dresses up in treelamps, sky lamps and mashaltorches that gives it a rustic look.

Rangoli amps the shimmer with rich powdered colours and striking traditional designs. Locals also use rice powder in making these rangolis as it is believed to bring good luck. These decorations are not limited to verandas but also carpet the roads.


Fireworks, Feastand Fares


Diwali is one of the most significant Hindu festivals and its celebration extends to people from other religions as well, thanks to its delectable sweets and blazing fireworks. On one hand where firecrackers enliven the alley, the aromatic Goan sweets like docebhaji, channadoce and kulkuls crown the living room; it’s merrymaking everywhere!

With sweets, laughter and blessings, it truly becomes a time to share happiness as a close-knit family that expands to a larger community. Walk down the road and you’ll see how several places in Goa organize feasts and fares to bring people together.


Ablution and Utnem Application


Another interesting Goan Diwali tradition involves cleansing oneself by performing ablutions, followed by the application of a mixture made with sandalwood and scented oils. This provides a refreshing start to the morning after effigy-burning.




Zatra is the Konkan term for pilgrimage to holy places. During Diwali these tours are held all over Goa. To experience the grandeur of Zatras at its best visit the temples of Nagueshi, Ramnathi, Shantadurga, Shirgao and Mangueshi.




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Year-end celebrations, beach parties and flowing alcohol surely attract a lot of tourists to Goain December. But it is time to indulge in the state’s fun-instilling spirit during its traditional October fiesta.

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