Travel Essentials To Protect Your Hair During Travelling

Travel Essentials To Protect Your Hair During Travelling

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From the chaos of our daily life, we travel to find some peace and relaxation. While we are enjoying our vacation it is also of utmost importance that we take care of our hair which gets exposed to dust and sun. A ray of realisation strikes us only when we try setting our hair, and it turns out to be a messy hair day!

Be it a girl or a guy, all of us are obsessed about our hair and the frizz caused due to sun and humidity leaves us irritated. Girls may suffer from detangling of hair while guys suffer from hair loss accompanied with dry scalp which can set off the mood for both of them!

It is time for us to carry the right travel essentials to provide the much-needed protection to the hair.

Road Trip = A gang of friends and a lot of outdoor adventure

Most of the hair damage occurs while we road travelling and the breeze around us damage it from dust, pollution and precipitates. When our hair are exposed to fast breeze it makes the hair tangled and rough, thus, combing becomes the biggest challenge.

Nobody likes when their hair breaks and fall during combing and road trip may lead to this if proper care is not taken. Next time, when you are on a road trip, make it a point to oil the hair thoroughly with Trellis Hair Oil so that the formula of the oil strengthens the roots and reduce hair fall.
Trellis Hair Oil is 100% Ayurvedic and made of 21 herbs. It is one-stop solution for all your hair problems while you travel.

All I asked was for a bit of sun and not the frizz

A picture is perfect when we are sun-kissed but what possibly spoils this perfect picture is the frizz in the hair. Hair either looks too dry or oily depending on the scalp type. Travelling cause a lot of frizz and ignoring this can lead to hair problems. One of the best ways to keep the hair protected is by oiling it thoroughly with Trellis Hair Oil.

Sneak in a bottle of hair oil with your shampoo and your hair will thank you for the good times

Massage of Trellis Ayurvedic hair oil on the roots can promote the wellness of the hair. When you wash your hair post-oil application, it will leave your hair as if you had an excellent salon spa – the lost lustre will be back, and the voluminous hair will make you even happier during your travel vacation.

Just like you, your hair need pampering too!

We love pampering, so why not pamper our hair with Trellis Ayurveda Hair oil? It is specially formulated to keep the hair from the damage of sun and sea, prevent hair fall, promote hair growth. A good hair oil massage on your travel is what you will love the most. You can also visit a salon to get your head massage with Trellis oil.

Because happy hair makes everything fun and frolic

A good hair day makes our days even better and pictures perfect! Don’t skip massaging your head with this magical oil.

So, this trip, put your all hair dilemma at the bay and have a frizz free vacation.

With the right travel essential in your hand, you needn’t worry about the hair damage and messy hair.

This product is available at an everyday price! Bid goodbye to dry scalps, dandruff, hair loss, dull hair, split ends with this herbal formulated Hair oil.

Let us know about other hair problems which you face during travel and also if you liked this product 😊

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