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The Unexplored Islands of The Bahamas – Ocean Pigs, Pink Sands and Pinacolada

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Glistening white sand beaches, pristine blue water, calm summer sun and chilled drinks on the beach. For anyone who has ever been on a beach vacation, this is what they expect. For most in the East, their ideal tropical holiday would commence by making flight bookings to Maldives, Bali or Mauritius. However, there is a plethora of unexplored islands in the West that do not get as much credit. If you are from the East, switch it up this time. Go to one of the dreamiest islands on the West Cost, The Bahamas.


Popularly known to be a cruise-ship stopover, these subtropical islands provide fathomless ocean coral and breath-taking coastlines. The Bahamas consists of more than 700 islands, offering the much needed quiet and peace. You can easily find cheap flight tickets to this tropical paradise and enjoy the pink sand beaches.

The Bahamas enjoys the beauty of natural pops of colour. Pink of the sand that mimics your cheeks the first time you saw your crush. Turquoise waters that glisten like crystals your husband gifted you. Lush green that give you a fresh and wholesome feel just like your mother’s backyard garden. And the shy sun that has no place to hide in the expanse of the open sky.

Mix with the Marine Life

The Bahamas offers experiences so unique, you would not even dream of it. Twenty five hundred cays that sweep through 120-miles of crystal clear waters. A lively natural playground that thrives in these very turquoise waters, gliding through vibrant coral. The Bahamas proves to be the perfect destination for any adrenaline junky. Equipped with a plethora of varied adventure sports sure to make your heart race. Explore this exciting marine life by snorkelling at the Cable Beach or Scuba Diving in the bluest waters. Embody the courage of James Bond while exploring the Will Laurie Ship Wreck, swimming with dolphins, or becoming friends with a friendly sea lion. However, of these, the most exciting and unique activity you can do in the Bahamas is swimming with blush pink pigs.



Become a Beach Bum

To experience the true beauty of this tropical paradise, you have to visit its pristine beaches. If you are living in Nassau, then you have access to the most popular beaches. The Cable Beach, that offers delightful sightings of excited marine life. Party all night on Cabbage beach as the skies engulf you in the soothing colours of sunset. Junkanoo is a man-made paradise that offers a perfect blend of convenience and beauty. It offers the perfect relief from a long day of tanning, with its celebrated beach shacks that serve up some delicious fish fry. Leaving the best for last, lay a steady foot on the unnatural pink sands of the Harbour Beach. This is one of the most unnatural beaches you will ever witness. As the soft pink sands meet, the deep blue waters create a beautiful confluence of nature’s wonders.



Travel like a Tourist

Bahamas goes beyond white sand beaches and water sports; it has a rich culture that can be explored in the main cities. There are numerous age-old forts that are lathered in foliage, provide beautiful views of the surrounding. Fort Charlotte that was built in 1788, it the biggest of the region. Fort Fincastle, located on top of the Queen’s staircase offers panoramic views of Nassau.



Bahamas proves to be an overall vacation and not just a pit stop on a multi-destination cruise. It ticks off all the checkmarks of an ideal tropical destination.

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