Baaghi: A Story That Talks About Rebels in Love

Baaghi: A Story That Talks About Rebels in Love

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Haven’t we all always been fascinated about love stories? 
Bollywood has been delivering cliché love stories to our audience for decades, and we would all still flock at the theatres to watch them like we didn’t know the ending.

I think it is time we all agree upon the fact that Bollywood love stories are the staple of our country. No matter how many different kinds of concepts keep coming our way, a comforting love story is what makes into our everyday guilty pleasures to feel better about life.

Another story on the same lines, but not cliché is what Baaghi is all about. They start the story with two rebels who always fight with each other or with others to get their things done. The lead actors Ronnie (Tiger Shroff) and Sia (Shraddha Kapoor) hit off their love story amidst beautiful backdrops of undisturbed forests. Ronnie, who is a martial arts academy student, comes across Sia. Being the rebels they are, the couple tends to stay put to their ego and refrains from feelings for each other. At the same institute, Ronnie finds a guru who tells him ‘Baaghi bano, par kisi maqsad ke liye.’ This dialogue is pretty much the crux of the movie, giving us all the reasons why we should watch Baaghi on ZEE5 now.

A still from the movie!

After Ronnie and Sia fall in love over a brief time, then enters the villain Raghav (Sudheer Babu) who also falls head over heels for Sia. He feels that Sia is the right match to his attitude, and hence decides that she is the perfect match for him. Following this, he gets to know about Ronnie and Sia and decides to kidnap her. He takes her to Bangkok where Ronnie and Raghav come face-to-face to fight for their ladylove.

The film carries a certain kind of charm with a little humour here and there added by the fights put up by Tiger Shroff. Shroff does complete justice to his character, with an immense improvement from his previous film, whereas Kapoor keeps up her charm and acting despite being restricted to a damsel in distress. The action sequences are choreographed in a rather stunning way, making it almost difficult for you to turn your eyes away.

This 2 hours 20-minute long movie gives you enough entertainment on a laid-back evening. Shraddha Kapoor, being her pretty-self, delivers some punches and packs here and there, showing the rebel in her character. Whereas the talented Tiger Shroff is sure to carry you away with his emotions and flared muscles that are very candy to the eye.

The best part about Baaghi is that the fights are based on the traditional way of dealing with the hands rather than guns and weapons, which makes the cut for this movie. The movie received some good reviews from some of the leading critics like Anupama Chopra, Rajeev Masand and similar ones, pouring all praises for Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor.

With the birthdays of the lead actors Tiger Shroff (2nd March) and Shraddha Kapoor (3rd March) approaching soon, there is yet another reason to revisit their performances and give them a thumbs up by watching Baaghi!

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