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2 Minute Short Film On What Life in Mumbai Teaches You With A Pinch Of Salt

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The indomitable spirit of Mumbai teaches EVERYONE , who is willing to learn, that success is no big deal! if you are willing to work hard, face the struggle – very important – with a smile; without a whine πŸ˜‰ 

The morning marathon…alarm, wake up , rush for a bath, wait for the maid ,keep calling her if she is late (oh they are equipped with phones; models which you wouldn’t have even seen!) ; else bite your nails with milk πŸ˜‰ for breakfast if she does;nt turn up; move to work; catch a public transport – will get one in the first ten attempts if you are blessed by Lord Ganesha πŸ˜‰  (he is the big Daddy of Mumbai)….reach office….routine work…Boss,targets,team task, review etc….and again the grind of reaching back home.

But in all this ….we still enjoy our Friday and Saturday nights like there is no tomorrow. This is the spirit. If we work hard , we play harder and this balance will reach us to our goals ; with lesser trips to the ‘hair-dyeing specialist’ . Life in Mumbai teaches you to take everything with a pinch of salt….cheers to a Margarita! πŸ˜‰ (pun intended)

Success comes to those who face it all and emerge stronger, overcoming all obstacles. Cannot stop myself from shouting out loud (would have shouted from rooftop but  being Mumbai, finding a rooftop is like finding a needle in a haystack !) … Here’s to the spirit of Mumbai …Hip Hip Hurry (oops ;)! Hip Hip Hurray ! Hip Hip Hurray! Watch this video and share.

Love you Aamchi Mumbai

Video and featured image source: Youtube via Nitin Das

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