A Video Which Invokes A Feeling Of Disgust For God's Lovely Creation 'Woman'

A Video Which Invokes A Feeling Of Disgust For God’s Lovely Creation ‘Woman’

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WOMAN : procreates and brings men in the world…..but I shudder to read the title of the video ‘WORLD HATES WOMAN’.

How can a woman ; who loves with her heart , who procreates, who goes to length to ensure her loved ones are protected and cared for, who puts her loved ones before her needs…..can be hated? Does’nt it sound inhuman? I mean…when you read this, you yourself ask …’yea…why are they hated?’

Man and Woman compliment and fulfill each other. If the feeling of love,trust,compassion are not mutual…we are in a cruel society. A society which is intolerant towards one sex! Why?? Is she an object of lust only? Why? Does a woman not have physical needs? But does she resort to the violent acts happening?

I have no answers to this.

Love a Woman (with genuineness)  and she loves you back multi-fold.

Please watch the video and share it with all.Such social issues must be spread to create awareness and stop what is unethical and totally unacceptable.

Video and featured image source: Youtube via Video Daddy

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